Currently the Nintersoft organization also develops projects toward developers/programmers with the finality of to share code snippets of our programs if you are needing of  them or passing through a difficult situation that we’ve already passed (and surpassed) while creating the sources of our projects, you can also have access to how to solve them.

    These projects can be found in our official repository, with all the other open source code projects by Nintersoft, that can be accessed by: or trough the mirror.

    If you liked our initiative and want to contribute with our organization and the next one, you can colaborate sending informations about possible problems, improvements or the proper resolution or implementation.

    You can even become part of the organization and contribute directly in our official repository. For that, you just need to get in “Join us” section available in the main menu only available for registered users and contact us describing where do you want to operate.

    Remember: The spirit of helping the next one is what move us.

    The necessary resources for the development and/or implementation of projects may be distributed in our main site, where you will find basic descriptions and liks for more details, in our DocWiki, where besides help you to understand our projects in a better way and possible fixes for problems, will give you informations about how to take out the best of the tools and possibly how to compile/develop the project from the source code (if only the application is open source code).

We would like to remember you about our official repository that can be accessed in two ways: The first one is directly by the plataform where they are hosted that is the GitHub ( or through a simpler memorizing solution that we’ve created for you, the redirector that despite the fact of have this easier memorization functionality, has the easiness to find the wanted project (if only the application is open source code) that is simply to add the name of the project in the end of the main URL, eg: will redirect you to Ninterpres’s repository.

For development support and help, you can even contact us by the options available on the support centre.

Thank you for the interest!

Useful links

Official repository