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It is possible to take note that in addition to the fact that some of our projects have not been totally documented yet, there are some of them which have not been updated for a long time. Therefore, so as to avoid the “abandonment” feeling, we have decided that changes had to be made, where some of them are still being discussed.

We would like to share with you some of the most important decisions we have already taken and the ones which are bound to be evaluated. They are:

  • Old projects archiving: Older projects, which will not receive new updates, are going to have their repositories archived. Nevertheless, their pages will be still available (updated until their lastest version) having a “archived project” notice.
  • Open source code licence alteration: since the maintainance of an open source code licence requires a lot of effort, our team is deciding to adopt a generic one (copyleft) which must be similar to Nintersoft’s open source code licence. The current options are: GNU [A]GPL v3 (+LGPL for libraries), European Union Public Licence, Mozilla Public Licence or to maintain our own open source code licence. In the last case, it is intended to have at least an english translation.
  • Documentation system upgrade: The current documentation system is on the verge of being reformed. It currently uses a CMS capable of dealing with multiple languages, making it easier to translate content. However, due to the large ammount of existent projects, it is being studied the possibility of migrating the service to external servers and rewrite it from scratch ( Even if decide to keep it in our servers, it will pass through a content and presentation restructuring. While the decision is taken, the documentation updates will be suspended, even if the development of the projects continue active.
  • Website upgrade: We are still studying a possible user experience improvement in our website.

It is importante to notice that should any of those changes not happen, we will, at least, alter the way that we deal with our resources.

Nintersoft development team.

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