Stable version of SmartClass is finally available!

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    The final version of our project developed to the data management of educational institutions has finally left the oven!

    It is in a proudly manner that we announce the availability of the version which in addition to bringing more stability and many fixes, it also have new features and performance/visual improvements.

    Have a look in what is new in the stable version of SmartClass (when contrasting with the latest beta release):

  • New database connector (relationship properties redefined and interface library reformulated).
  • New privacy policy.
  • New visual (new layout and redesigned icons).
  • Address field has been moved to the responsible’s info.
  • Improved performance.
  • New database connection setup form (first run).
  • Added context menu to the selection tables (students/classes).
  • Added tooltip when hovering icons (improved accessibility).
  • Application user management (functions, name, username, password, etc.).
  • And much more…


Do not upgrade from the BETA version to the stable one, since they have a totally different data architecture, which will cause the program to fail and possibly also imply on important information loss.

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