DBManager is finally part of our portfolio!

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Although we still haven’t officially announced the project called DBManager, it was already part of other projects, as SmartClass and was already available in our official repository, since the version 1.0, when it has become an independent project.

Now it is already in version, which contains many improvements and fixes, and has already been integrated to the newest version of SmartClass. When it comes to what is new, there are (features taken from the repository version release notes):

  • Singleton call.
  • Simplification of the dynamics query builders such as CREATE TABLE, UPDATE + WHERE, SELECT + WHERE + GROUP BY + ORDER BY, DELETE and DROP.
  • Possibility of creating customized queries through the mothod createCustomQuery.
  • New database manager systems supported (Not only MySQL and SQLite anymore).
  • Group By and Order By clauses.
  • Methods inheriteds from QSqlDatabase class.
  • Every query is ANSI-SQL.
  • The source code is more compact (avoiding redundant repetitions).
  • DBManager supports queries in which the requested attributes are indicated after a dot (the table name comes as prefix).
  • Contains a compileable example project for each version of DBManager (even inclusing the necessary libraries), ready to be executed in debug mode.

You can even use it in your projects which need to perform connection to a database. Everything you need to do is to agree with the duties specified by the Nintersoft’s Open Source Code Licence (DBManager) and GPL + LGPL (Qt).

For more details, please, have a look at the project’s page in our portfolio.

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