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After a long time without announce any newsness about our developments, we bring you some news! Meet our newest open source code program called SmartClass.

This is our first solition for organisations, to the educational ones, in this case. It is a free alternative to softwares of classes and students management, counting with access levels, external tools integration, receipt and database management, besides the native options of customization.

As every other program developed by us, SmartClass is Windows compatible and its installer can be found in our Download Centre. However, it is also compatible with MAC and Linux. In order to do that, you just have to download the source code of the program which is available in our repository, install the Qt library and compile it using the compiler of your preference (GCC, for example).

As it is still under developent (BETA), it is not completely docummented (unfortunately, not even in our DocWiki), but do not worry! It is already being gradually developed by our team, and as soon as it is ready, we will include it in our repository.

You may notice that there are two versions of the SmartClass being announced, the traditional one which is under the Nintersoft’s Open Source Code Licence and the one under commercial licence. Fora a while, we are still analysing the situation of the commercial licence, how it is going to be applied, and if it will be actualy applied (there is a possibility of our team cancel the adoption of the dual licence in favour of the open source code licence). Anyway, there will always exists a free and open source code version available for the community. Therefore, do not worry, once every beta version of SmartClass is free and open source code. We are just trying to figure out on how to keep our work with the support of third party institutions.

Some features of SmartClass:

  • Manage the student data (Documents, receipts, subscriptions, parents, etc.).
  • Manage your courses/clasess (Classes, teachers, subscriptions, etc).
  • Export the database either to SpreadSheets or Excel.
  • Database automatic and manual backup feature.
  • Manage the access levels that each user has in the program.
  • Upgrade to the next versions directly from the “About Us” form.
  • Complete support to MySQL (BETA) and SQLite 3.
  • Export the data to an external tool.
  • Manage the receipts generated by the courses/classes.

Would you like to try it? Download the test version right now! (v0.9.1.1b)


It is important to note that this post is also a announcement to remember you that we have not stopped, but we are still developing our projects, even if in a little bit slower rythim. We will return with some news about this, and other projects soon.

Nintersoft development team.

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