Know our newest project, SafeSearch Enforcer

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  While our website was under maintenance, we have developed a new open source code project for the community.

  Trying to provide a safer internet to the families, we have developed a new addon for Mozilla Firefox (the development for Google Chrome is still in progress), it is the SafeSearch Enforcer, an extrension wich enforces the search engines to filter the result content before showing it to the user, eliminating possible adult content (not safe for children) that may be shown on the search results.

  Currently it works with the main search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex (the way that the application deals with this one is going to be changed in future versions of the extension). We also ought not to forget that we need your feedback in order to improve it continuously, either adding more search engines, or fixing problems that the extension may cause in your navigation experience.

  You can check the source code of the addon as in our repository as at Mozilla’s official addons website. Furthermore, we have already made the documentation of the extension available at the support and knowledge base centre.

  Know a little bit more about the SSE through the following links:

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