Differently from other projects, DBManager is totally toward developers and is present in other projects develped by our team, like SmartClass, for instance.
Not only does it focuses on making the database connection setup process easier (through the QSqlDatabase interface (part of Qt library)), but also contains convenitent methods which are normally used by applications tbat need to communicate with a database. Among those methods there are:

  • Creation and remotion of relations (tables).
  • Search for data contained in the database (SELECT command + WHERE clause).
  • Database data retrieval (SELECT command) with the availability of additional clauses such as WHERE, GROUP BY and ORDER BY.
  • Creation of custom queries.
  • Clean/Empty relations (tables).
  • Possibility of use of other methods inherited from QSqlDatabase class.

Besides those convenient methods, it is also assured that there will be only one instance of database connection per application which avoids a possible overload on the database management system.
Finally, you may also count on the compiled version of the library for Windows (check the compiler and library version before downloading it) and with the source code for every platform.

Compiled version

Source code