For developers, curious and clients, Ninterbt is the definitive solution in the basic home automation area, once the main purpose of the fact that a single finger tap separates you from the total control of your residence.

  Initially it has been developed as part of an automation project with open source code and open hardware developed and implemented by us, but as we noticed that the application has a huge potential to be used in other projects and applications, we decided to share to the community through our DocWiki all the informations about how does the application perform the communication with other devices.

  It is already available in eight different languages and can be used by practically any person in the world, once if the user language is not detected, the application asks to the users in which language they want to see the visual interface.

  We have also optimized the application to project developers, so it tries to attent the developer’s necessities,offering a complete customization of the characters that are sent by the application, allowing their complete substitution for almost any other character present in the ASCII standards/table (extended), in other words, allowing characters from 00(h) to FF(h), besides to offer support to disregard warnings that would be necessary only on the project in which has beeen created for. To use all these resources, you just need to enable de developer mode in the application settings.

  We have also pay attention to the application interface, it’s ease of use and availability, for that reason when we were developing its program, we tried to make the application to guide the user through it’s totally renewed and customized interface, adapting itself to your necessities. About its availability, we have become the Ninterbt public on Google Play Store, allowing any user with a compatible Android version to install it directly in their mobile.

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Baixe o Ninterbt

  • Project: Ninterbt
  • Platform: Android
  • Licence: Free (Commercial)
  • Languages: Portuguese, spanish, english, french, italian, russian, japanese and german
  • Support and documentation: