Have you ever imagined about automating your home, making it more comfortable for you and for your family?

  Is exactly it what this project propose, the switch control of electrolic devices in your residence, just using an Android device and the hardware solution developed by us. In spite of all of it, you can implant this solution in your house, once this project is under shared licences: Nintersoft and Creative Commons.

  Have a look at the main objectives/functionalities of this project:

  • Control any electronic device through the software switch on/off (works like a common switch).
  • Possibility of to control the luminosity in the environments in a finger tap.
  • The complete control of your home only using a smartphone that runs Android (Unfortunately the Ninterbt still doesn’t support onther OS yet).
  • You can implant the complete solution of the project without even contact us, once it is open source for the community, but if necessary either we can help you during the project build or you can buy the solution (to buy the complete project, please contact us).

  We are always looking to maintain the project and the Android application Ninterbt always updated with the objective of always develop and share knowledge with the community. Nevertheless you should not forget to apply the updates simultaneously, as in the Hardware (Either the programation of Arduino or alternate circuit) as in the software (Ninterbt).

  Hereafter you can download the necessary files to build the project, since the materials list, till the circuit plate schematic module.


     Materials list:

Materials list_ARCSL.pdf

Circuit plate¹  and 3D models²:

Circuit plate.zip

Programation of Arduino:

 Check the latest version at http://codigo.nintersoft.com/Automacao-residencial-arduino.

Documentation (Portuguese only)

Final project document:

4TMB G2 Home Automation - IOs and luminosity control-pt_BR.docx

Explanatory handout:

Folder - Home Automation-pt_BR.pub


Home Automation Presentation NINTERSOFT-pt_BR.pptx

¹ Proteus 8.1 is necessary to open the files (electronic schematic ISIS and ARES).
² A 3D viewer program is needed to open those files (3DS, DXF, STL).

Licença Creative Commons
Home automation with bluetooth of Nintersoft is licenced with Creative Commons – Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.
Based in a work available at https://www.nintersoft.com/en/projects/home-automation-with-bluetooth/.