Microcounter is the simplest program ever developed by us, and it has the simple purpose of to alarm when according to the time that was programed by the user, showing either a standadized message or a customized message. With this tool, you will never forget the tasks you have to execute again.

  Despite the fact of be developed looking for the general public, this is a test program, where we check the implemented news and become it public if approved. Therefore it is possible to say that Microcounter is more than a simple alarm, it is the entrance door for the innovations implemented in our projects, as the ones related to GUI, as the ones related to the performance of the program.

  Note for the developers: As part of our innovative purpose, the Microcounter has passed through a visual library change, in other words, we migrated it from VCL, present in C++ Builder, to Qt, present in Qt Creator and compileable with Visual Studio, thus:

    • From version and above, it has been developed with C++ Builder.
  • The versions below of have been developed using Qt Creator, as previously announced.

  The complete source code (C++ builder and Qt) is available in our official repository.

  Download the latest version of our mini alarm.

64 bit version (x64)

    32 bit version (x86)