Ninterserial has been released!

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    Toghether with the Picboard release, we have decided to conclude the development of Ninterserial (who follow our repository could know this newness before), a program toward developers has that by main objective to perform serial stream with electronic devices through UART, using RS232 protocol.

    With similar functions of Ninterbt, the Ninterserial can be called as twin of Ninterbt with different platforms support, once it has been developed for Windows and will communicate through COM ports (from 0 till 255).

    As Ninterserial has been launched recently, the help content of our support centre is under development, but is has a simple and minimalist interface, becoming its use extremely uncomplicated.

    Beyound all, it is totally open source code and is already using the new visual library which is also open source!

    Have a look in the program: Ninterserial.

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