Picboard is available now

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    While we have been in maintenance, we have decided to publish again an interesting electronics project that was developed by our team and the hardware is under Creative Commons Licence, in other words, it is totally open source!

    The interesting fact is that it focus not just in professional production, but also about learning process, therefore two versions of the circuit where the main controller goes have been developed, they are PRO and EDUC versions. Both versions use the same microcontroller and have the same building method, just changing the application focus.

    The PRO version of PICBOARD is focused on the commercial development, with less protections, the response time is faster, guaranteeing a higher confort for the end user.

    The PRO version of PICBOARD has more protections for the microcontroller, once it has been developed focused in students, that may provoque sort circuit because of lack of knowledge or miss attention.

    Have a look, you will regret nothing: PICBOARD.

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