We are back!

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    After about two months out of air, we are back with the promised news, amongst them there are the implementation and updates in Ninterpres and in Ninterbt.

    Now we have a higher social integration, supporting login through third part services like:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • GitHub
  • Stackoverflow
  • Yahoo
  • Windows Live

   Besides the new tools for authors and editors as the interactions with the OneDrive when publishing articles and inserting files, and the unified connection.

   The visual of the website was also 100% renewed in a way that you can enjoy our news at maximum with the better visual quality  possible, in other words, in a way where you won’t be bored when accessing our site. To reach at this point, we’ve received many tips and support, therefore there is no why to don’t give thanks the people who helped us:

  • Mauro Mascarenhas
  • Guilherme Bazarin
  • Fábio Francisco
  • Rebecca Berner

    We hope you enjoy at maximum our new resources, and please, don’t forget that still there is a lot of things to explore.

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