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    After we adopted a new posture about the disponibilization of open source code of our programs, we have decided to begin immediately to merge and adapt of libraries for our applications; as the result of our dedication we have already had  some results with Microcounter (“Microcontador”, in portuguese – that is already stable and will be available soon) and with Ninterserial that has already been transfered to the new libraries and is already been implemented.

    With this new visual library that we are currently using, is also possible to port the source code between platforms, in other words, you can use the same source without big implementations to complile for Windows, Linux and other platforms, just changing the compilation method. Furthermore, now  we have a complete support to applications developed for 64 bits OS that will be adapted by default , in other words, we will  only compile the programs and applications for 64 bits systems (x64).

    Another interesting point that can be noticed is the internationalization of the programs/apps, once is possible to translate them without add manually many coding lines to the source code; it brings you advantages and disadvantages, as you can see in the features of this new resource:

  • It is possible to translate pratically any string of the application.
  • You can use Qt Linguist to make your life easier when translating.
  • A compiled translation file must be used to be read by the program.

    Finally we would like to announce that with the advent of the adption of a new IDE, the old source code (buildable with C++ Builder) will be still available, but it will be compacted in the root of the project folder.

    Visit our repository and follow our progress: repository root, Ninterserial repository, Microcounter repository.

    If you need of clarifications, you just need to contact our team in the contact us section or through the social networks (even in our GitHub repository).

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