New download centre of Nintersoft

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    Recently we needed to add the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable installer built-in the installer of our programs, because of the doption of the new IDE for the development of our projects. Initially we have tried to include the dynamic link libraries (runtime linkers) with the application, but some additional files and settings are necessary.

    Initially the addition of the new installer have not cause a huge impact on the final installer, but Google Drive file host do not scan files bigger than 25mb, in other words, all the time when the user tries to download something though the direct link, Google would show him an disclaimer term about the file, so, we have decided to create our own file host, looking to avoid the incovenience of to get out of the page in which you are visiting.

    Not all the installers have been moved to the new Ninitersoft host. Nevertheless all of the ones which have already been imported also have an alternative download link by Google Drive, as a mirror link.

    You can have access to the new download centre through the following link (portuguese and english):

    We would like to remember you that this service is still under development, therefore you might face some instabilities or the system may be unnavailable for visits (the download links will still be working correctly). We are trying to improve the dynamic visualization for international visits, in other words, we are still adapting the visualization of the page for dual language purposes.

    We are opened to new suggestions, therefore if you have any idea, you just have to contact us by the contact form.

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