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    We’ve started to develop this new website in november of 2015, but only now it we’ve concluded it, not only because of the addition and edition of it’s content, but because we just needed to retake our activities with the projects most updated as possible, therefore we’ve made available newer versions of two projects, the Ninterbt and Ninterpres.

    We even haven’t forgotten about the support of our projects, reformulating our support central and knowledge base, bringing more tips to the users, so they can take out the best of the projects.

    As one of our objectives is maintain you the most updated as possible we haven’t made all of our projects available in our website, once we are going to bring them back when we conclude all the updates that we want to make in our developments, besides the fact that we’ve already developed all the necessary support to attend to our users.

    Don’t forget to have a look in our recently updated projects* (and if you have doubts, in our support center):

    *If you want to have a look in the nightly versions, we recommend you to look in our official repository, on there you will find the latest updates, but they can be bugged or less stable for the daily use.

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