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    We have not announced our news for a long time, we was not stopped, but had been working to bring what is better to the community.

    Differently from other announcements, we have not focused our efforts in our repository (although who follow us knew that there were changes and even know what are them), once we have decided to upgrade Ninterbt to a newer version, where we had listened to the community desires, expecting to become the application better for everybody.

    We still have not finished to implement all the newness suggested by the community. However, as soon as possible we will make the complete version of the application publicaly available, but for a while you can try the beta version of our application; for that, you will have to follow some steps (either through the computher or by the mobile):

    First method | Through the computer:

  • You just have to access the following URL and click in “BECOME A TESTER” button:
  • Follow the instructions which will appear on the screen (pratically they just ask you to download the application or to wait untill it upgrade automatically).

    Second method | By the mobile:

  • You just have to open the following URL in  your mobile (or open the Ninterbt description on Google Play Store), scroll to the end of the page and click in “BECOME A TESTER”.
  • The application will be upgraded automatically and you can enjoy all the newness.

[cml_media_alt id='144']Play Store[/cml_media_alt]

    Warning: Once we are talking about a beta version, you may find some bugs and face some instabilities (that is why your feedback is so important). Once it has been rewritten from zero, the Ninterbt is not with all the translations implemented yet (there are only: portuguese, english and spanish).

    Once again, do not forget to follow our official repository and to check the news in our website.

    We are opened to new suggestions, therefore if you have any idea, you just have to contact us by the contact form.

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