Important changes for our projects

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    On this week we are replete of newsness to share. Recently we updated the Ninterbt, announced the incorporation of a project of other developers to our official repository, but much more news are coming!

    It is a great joy to announce three essential changes to the community. Firstly, we have added SSL functionality to our website, in other words, now the communication between your browser and the webserver is encrypted and nobody can intercept and stole your data during the transmission. This change may not seen to influence now, but in the future it will be extremely util for you.

    Another very important change is the reactivation of old projects which have been overburdened when they were still on sketch due to the lack of time by part of our team, they are:

  • Ninternav: An old web browser for mobile devices project (for Android, specifically) which was being developed in C++, but after that we have decided to give our attention to other projects, then Ninterbt has been left behind. Nowadays, after the various changes that we have adopted, the project was resumed and rebuilt from scratch using Android Studio (in Java). You can already check this fact in our official repository.
  • Ninterplayer: The open source code media player which has been developed at the same time as the Ninternav, but for the same reasons it have been left for second plan. However, as you can see in our repository, this project has also been resumed recently, already with the new guidelines adopted by our organization (the IDE change for Qt Creator).

    The third and last change is about the decision that we have taken some time ago about the availability of 32 bits (x86) compiled programs, now we are compiling programs for both platforms again.

    Finally, to make the download links obtainment easier, you can use our download generator tool, in other words, you do not have to use the complete URL to download the files in our servers. To use this resources you just have to access and give the following data:

  • Program: through the “prog” tag that must be insert in the URL with its respective value (Eg.: ninterserial, ninterpres, cubo-magico ou microcontador).
  • Version: through the “ver” tag that must be insert in the URL with its respective complete value (Eg.: If this value is omitted, the service will autocomplete with the latest version of the program available.
  • Platform: through the “plat” tag that must be insert in the URL with its respective value (i.e., x86 or x64). If this value is omitted, for compatibility reasons, the x86 version will be automatically set as selected.

Each data must be preceded by the “&” character.


    We hope you liked this news. If you have something to suggest, please contact us through our contact form.

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